Strawbale Workshop 2 – 23rd Nov 2014

Our second strawbale workshop was a bit cooler with a nice breeze.

FootingsComplete-sWhere we left off from Strawbale Workshop 1 – footings complete and spikes ready to receive straw bales.

SeleneExplains-s‘Strawbale Selene’ explains the next tasks to be done to those gathered around (most of whom you can’t see in this picture!).

PlasticAroundPosts-sPlastic was placed over the footings and secured around the posts to act as a water-proof membrane.

ShapingStrawbale-sStraw bales needed to be shaped to a gentle curve by carefully aimed karate kicks or similar techniques.

PlacingStrawbale-sThe straw bales were then carefully lowered onto the spikes to align with the footings.

Rendering-sRendering well underway.

PartlyRendered-s A partly rendered seat and some deep discussion.

FirstRenderDone-sAnd voila, after another good days work, one of our rendered strawbale seat.

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