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Strawbale Workshop 3 – 30th Nov 2014

And finally to the final workshop in our strawbale seat series.
More concrete mixing, this time a cream coloured render.

Applying and cleaning of the applied decoration.


Many people came along and contributed to the mosaic and other added decorative features.

And here is our logo being rendered in careful and detailed mosaic form.

At some point one bright spark suggested we more the gazebo so we could work in the shade – a great improvement!

Contemplation and discussion of our work.

And here it is – one of our completed seats.

Come and have a sit sometime.

Strawbale Workshop 2 – 23rd Nov 2014

Our second strawbale workshop was a bit cooler with a nice breeze.

FootingsComplete-sWhere we left off from Strawbale Workshop 1 – footings complete and spikes ready to receive straw bales.

SeleneExplains-s‘Strawbale Selene’ explains the next tasks to be done to those gathered around (most of whom you can’t see in this picture!).

PlasticAroundPosts-sPlastic was placed over the footings and secured around the posts to act as a water-proof membrane.

ShapingStrawbale-sStraw bales needed to be shaped to a gentle curve by carefully aimed karate kicks or similar techniques.

PlacingStrawbale-sThe straw bales were then carefully lowered onto the spikes to align with the footings.

Rendering-sRendering well underway.

PartlyRendered-s A partly rendered seat and some deep discussion.

FirstRenderDone-sAnd voila, after another good days work, one of our rendered strawbale seat.

Strawbale Workshop 1 – 16th Nov 2014

The Glen Forrest Community Garden and friends got to work early on a hot and sunny Sunday morning to get started on our straw bale seats under the expert guidance of ‘Straw bale Selene’

Mixing CementFirst off was mixing the concrete with measured amounts of cement, water and sand and aggregate pre-mix.

PreparingFootingsAnd preparing the area where the footings were to go, digging, measuring and putting in form work.

Pouring concrete for straw bale seat footingAs batches of concrete were mixed they were poured into the formwork.

Leveling concreteThe concrete was carefully topped up and levelled.

ScreedingConcrete-sAnd screeded to a smooth finish.

SpikeSafety-sSpikes that were incorporated into the concrete footings were covered with bottles for safety while the concrete set.

Congratulations to the hard workers and helpers! Around 20 people participated in the various tasks or just popped by to see what was going on and say hello. It was hot work but a tremendous team effort.

23rd March


We had a record 11 people turn up on Sunday to garden and chat. We watered and planted tuscan kale, basil, eggplants and capsicum (yes a bit late for some of these but we’ll see how they go).

And the pumpkins planted in February are growing prolifically. See their progress below from permaculture style newspaper, horse poo and peas straw bed with new seedlings on 2nd Feb we should have our second crop of pumpkins in a few weeks.