Strawbale Workshop 1 – 16th Nov 2014

The Glen Forrest Community Garden and friends got to work early on a hot and sunny Sunday morning to get started on our straw bale seats under the expert guidance of ‘Straw bale Selene’

Mixing CementFirst off was mixing the concrete with measured amounts of cement, water and sand and aggregate pre-mix.

PreparingFootingsAnd preparing the area where the footings were to go, digging, measuring and putting in form work.

Pouring concrete for straw bale seat footingAs batches of concrete were mixed they were poured into the formwork.

Leveling concreteThe concrete was carefully topped up and levelled.

ScreedingConcrete-sAnd screeded to a smooth finish.

SpikeSafety-sSpikes that were incorporated into the concrete footings were covered with bottles for safety while the concrete set.

Congratulations to the hard workers and helpers! Around 20 people participated in the various tasks or just popped by to see what was going on and say hello. It was hot work but a tremendous team effort.

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