Opportune Meetings

Watering Last week whilst watering I spied a possible WaterCorp chap working with the infrastructure that I had previously identified from their plans as a water testing point. ‘Aha’ I thought ‘this may be a man who knows about on the ground water pipe connections’. And indeed it was so! I had a nice chat with this fellow. He was indeed undertaking water testing. And he knew about mains pipes and connections as he used to work in that area. He explained where the mains went and a little about the connection we would have and reassured me that taking a pipe across the creek to our site would be ‘no problem’. Well that was happy news.
And this morning whilst watering I was approached by a shire man who arrived with a large mowing machine. He was interested in what we were up to on site and happy to help. We compared bollard keys and he told me the code of his. I later went to the shire and swapped our non-operational key for one that works – that problem fixed. Also, as he didn’t have much work on at the moment he was happy to whipper-snip around some of our native plantings before completing the mowing of the bit of the paddock that he’d chickened out of last visit. I also asked about getting some more shire mulch and he seemed to think that was no problem and set that in motion. So perhaps another large mulch pile will appear sometime.

In the meantime thanks to Sonia and Stan the Man for collecting and delivering some EMRC mulch for us to get on with some mulching.



And my blog is born…

Saturday 1st March 2014

OK so I’m having a go at writing a blog. This will be my observations, thoughts and ideas about the Glen Forrest Community Garden.

The Garden is at an interesting point in its development. We now have a lease from the shire, a shire approved plan and our first vegetables being produced. Kerry pulled together an amazing grant application which was submitted this week. If it is successful we will have some decent funds with which to do some serious garden development.

PumpkinPatch-s  GFCG-Corn-s GFCG-Zucs-s

I felt bad on Thursday as I realised on the way to work that I had forgotten to drop the key of to Sonia so that she and Vera could do the watering in the afternoon and I was not going to be home until late. And then I felt more bad because I forgot to let her know. Anyway, as penance, I did the watering alone on Friday afternoon as the helper candidates were off for the long weekend or otherwise busy. As it was so hot I left it until quite late and enjoyed my time watering in the twilight. Even the mozzies weren’t too fierce. And I found a cute little roma tomato on the ground which  I promptly rinsed off and gobbled up – very tasty.

Hopefully will see a few of the troops tomorrow morning.

And the celebratory dinner seems to be shaping up into a bit of a party – looking forward to it, should be lots of fun!